Grand Canyon Council BSA

Gila River/South Mountain District

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Upcoming Advancement Day is

June 2nd & 23rd 2018


The updated general information, class schedules, and new on-line signup hyperlink are available below.    Please read all instructions prior to registering. 

We are no longer accepting mail-in registration.  It must be done on-line.


The Salt River district holds three merit badge advancement days yearly. They are held on the 1st Saturday in December, and the 1st & 4th Saturdays in June.


Doors Open 7:00am

Flag Ceremony 7:15

1st Session 7:30-9:45

Break 9:45-10:00

2nd Session  10:00-12:15


Dress:            Scout Uniform

Cost:         $2.00 per Scout

Snack Bar:           Send your Scout with a few dollars
 if you would like them to purchase items at the snack bar. 
Items include: hot dogs, chips, soda, water bottles, candy


Registration Link   

Must Know:

Scouts must have a Blue Card signed by their Scoutmaster (Unit Leader) in order to participate in any merit badge class.

Also, Scouts must bring proof of completion of prerequisites in order to get merit badge counselor sign off for each prerequisite.   Where physical proof is not possible, scouts must have a signed letter of completion from their Scoutmaster (Unit Leader).  Simply telling the merit badge counselor they have completed a requirement, is unacceptable.

Finally please know, Scouts can participate in a class even if they have not completed the prerequisites.  Therefore, they can finish the remaining requirements at a later date, and connect with the merit badge counselor when they do so, in order to get final sign off.



LDS Tempe Stake Center

2707 South College Ave

Tempe, AZ

S.E, corner of College and Alameda


Link to Map


New on-line Registration site

Register Here


PLEASE KNOW, prior to May 10th, registration is only open to scouts within what was the Salt River District (SRD).  Starting May 10th, registration will be open for all other scouts.  Please honor this timeline, so the SRD scouts have the first opportunity to register. Thank you!



Class Specific Information


If the class is listed below, a work sheet, special instructions and/or requirements exist for the class.  This information may need to be completed prior to the beginning of the class.  If a worksheet is required it will be available to download on the class's page These pages are updated often, so check back prior to the Advancement Day.



 Site last updated: 5/6/2018